Heart Mission 
Nurturing resonant relationships in all things

We offer a series of concerts & events as an expression of our mission for creating a resonant community.
These events held at the homes of hosts and Yoga Studios who connect with our mission. 
Cave Concerts, Kirtan Community, Natural Resonance Concerts
• We are developing a “ Sound of the World”  meditation form
• We offer a workshop for musicians & unrealized musicians to experience the nectar of natural resonance directly in the body. This practice has the potential  for creating a transformational experience.
• We are exploring the integration of transformational spoken word/poetry with resonance based music.

Education & Collaboration
• We are developing a virtual Center of Natural Resonance as an environment creating excitement for the potential of resonance based sound, instruments, music and practices to catalyze shifts of conciousness.
• We are recruiting musicians to learn the principles of natural resonance and how to teach this work.
Integrating the eastern focus on resonance with the western focus on chord changes for enhanced musical experiences in both systems.
• How might the vibrational template of nature offer us insight and experiences of  health and healing?
Promoting green economy & energy awareness through articulation of  green music principles         
• Unveiling resonance based music & sound as anexpression of quantum physics and the new biology while functioning within Newtonian physics (wave forms)
• Connection and collaborations with Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory movement - resonance based sound and music as a balance of the 4 quadrants.

Mind Mission
Our Mission restated for scientists, academics and inquiring musicians

At the intersection of science, nature & spirit we produce personal experiences of resonance based on natural laws of vibration and acoustics, for collective transformation.


It is true that, given the rough approximations and maddening inflexibility of equal temperament, something did die. We lost the deep resonances, and in the process became sadly distanced from some primal part of ourselves. But in that same process, an astonishingly affective musical language was born.
 - Allaudin Mathieu, author of Harmonic Experience, The Listening Book & the upcoming Bridge of Waves