Acoustic Guitar

Video of Alan Tower playing his 10,000 Thunderstorms -
two hand tapping Hedges technique
(pass mouse over video for controls)

A key distinction that Michael Hedges contributed to the world of guitar is the decoupling of the right and the left hand. That is to say up until his insight the right-hand was always plucking or strumming  strings that a left hand was fingering. So they were coupled. In his technique they are independent and so the right-hand  is now able to play bass notes on  its own freeing up the left-hand to play on its own and vice versa. A very different musical effect is produced for the listener related to independence of line and visual interest while for the player a very different feeling in the body is produced. Technique fundamentally does involve most often hammer ons and pulloffs.

Lesson/Coaching Invitation & Specifics

Please feel and think about these 2 questions in preparation for your first session:

  1. What was the first thing you remember that catalyzed your interest in playing the acoustic guitar?

  2. If there was an open possibility (and there is – just for you) for any style of playing and/or emotional connection with sound, the world or both - what might that look or feel like for you?

Guitar Individual Session* options & cancellation policy:
60.00 per session*   (refers to either lesson or coaching time)
Once a set of sessions gets going and established  payment may
be monthly to make it easier.   Paying by the quarter provides a slightly reduced rate.
two on one coaching – 35.00-50.00 – home studio – San Francisco
small classes  - $20.00 – 40.00 – home studio, eastbay, marin, San Francisco

SKYPE Coaching
Same fee.  Initial session at 45.00 to link up the computers and eliminate any bugs crawlin around.

Lesson cancellation understanding:
3 days or more prior to session/reschedule as soon as possible
2 days prior -  fee is half cost of session
24 hours or less notice – full cost of session

Workshops 3-5 students - lower rates per student

Alan Tower